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  1. Caiden Spencer's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Since I'm the MMi Staff Writer now, I can publish articles that are posted here and submit them to the 'Front Page'.

    Please post your articles to Member Written iPhone News using the link here or below.

    This will not only help me, but will also help the community get updated and gives you a chance to get your articles and your writing out there. Please don't forget to post the Original Source. I am aware that the images aren't loading up properly so I will fix them once posted.

    - Caiden
    2016-02-02 06:37 AM
  2. bigray's Avatar
    Hey Caiden,

    What happened to the other guys? Is there a thread post somewhere that explains if they quit or something?

    2016-02-29 05:34 AM
  3. Caiden Spencer's Avatar
    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your post, there was a post by Kyle (Admin) until it was deleted. The post pretty much explained that the other Staff Writers have left due to financial reasons of the website MMi and cannot simply pay the staff any more.

    Anthony Bouchard now works at iDB. Explains that he is leaving here.

    Many have left for other websites, and the site is only really active a certain time slot of the day. I do try and post as much as I can however updating everyone on MMi.

    It'd be great if there was another Article Writer for ModMyi to help me post Tutorials, News etc. but what can you do. I'm doing it solo for now and I hope you guys are happy with what's being posted for the time being.

    Thanks for reading!
    2016-02-29 05:40 AM