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    We need your input to help make our forums better for our members. Please post issues or problems you have had.

    Things like color scheme, bugs, missing features etc.

    I know that some have asked about posting links (and also having the link in another font color to highlight it).
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    2018-03-28 07:09 PM
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    This forum is dead. That is the end of this discussion. MobileNations purchased MMi thinking they'd be able to revive it, but it is so much harder to bring back a dying community, especially with the advent of other places for discussion of jailbreaking and iAnything (e.g. reddit).

    Let's start with some simple things:
    • This site runs vBulletin 4. It is 2018. vBulletin is showing its age and this place would be much better served with something like IPB or XF. You may point to another site like X*A and say "oh, they use vBulletin!", but theirs is so customized and you can barely tell because they've almost rewritten it from the ground up. That is not the case for MMi.
    • The design here is jarring and hacked together. The navigation menu in particular is absolutely atrocious and has no place on a desktop computer.
    • This site still lacks a functional and usable mobile website or app. Again, it is 2018. Tapatalk is not at all popular either.
    • Frontpage content is infrequent. Latest article is from well over a month ago now.
    • The structure and feel of the forums does not encourage one to participate in discussion. I'm not sure how to describe that properly, but this site just doesn't feel... right.
    • Tutorials and whatnot need to be brought back. MMi was so deeply ingrained in the jailbreak community at one point, and now it feels like anything except
    • Jailbreaking has become less popular. MMi needs to innovate. The site clearly caters toward the power user, when it needs to cater to both

    For the record, I don't even use this site anymore either. I come here to check up on things occasionally, and it has fallen down such a depressing pit since I joined long ago.

    MN at the moment is cashing in off ad revenue, and once that stops plummeting as the content on this site ages and heads toward irrelevance, it will be dead within the next few years.

    Oh, and the fact that I can't mention the name of a competitor site in my post is so ridiculous.
    2018-05-28 12:27 AM

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