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    when i bought my phone it had source on it that gave me thai fonts and thai carrier names ie true since then ive changed to 1.4 and lost the source ive try the thai lanuage source and nothing has changed any one got any idea wot the source is
    2008-04-04 09:27 PM
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    HUH? Explain.. Simpler
    2008-04-04 10:58 PM
  3. big pimping's Avatar
    HUH? Explain.. Simpler
    ok when i got the iphone from thai dealer it had in sources english/thai and thai/english dicionarys and the option of changing carrier i want to know what source it came from
    2008-04-04 11:20 PM
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    go back and ask?

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    2008-04-05 12:08 AM
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    they want paying
    2008-04-05 05:26 PM
  6. koreanmasters99's Avatar
    have u check out the wiki guide?
    under rouge source....
    all the way down on the bottom page...
    it has thai language source.....
    start from there .....
    hope it helps!
    god bless!
    2008-04-05 05:33 PM
  7. big pimping's Avatar
    thanks i found that but iam on 1.1.4 so only the thai fonts work but thats a start
    2008-04-06 08:06 AM
  8. monkeymagic's Avatar
    Thai: pradt.net/iphone

    List of All Rogue Installer Sources - ModMyI - Wiki

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    2008-05-19 02:44 PM