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    ok I'm not sure if this would be the right place to put. I'm STUCK!!! I love someone's tinkerbell skin/mod/layout/whatever ... but I have summerboard. I've just gotten my phone and I must say I'm pretty savvy with it for being such a newb. BUT HOW DO I ALTER SB's themes to SMB? please help! badboybill did a ******* amazing job and I want to use his gorg creation. Thanks anyone who responds

    if i had balls I would .."punch myself in the balls" I've probably just KILLED my iphone trying to figure out how to switch everything to SMB. And being that my phone is the unlocked kind (yes I paid an OUTRAGOUS amount for it being unlocked) I'm to scared to restore the whole thing. If anyone knows how to find/fix/get the tink theme in SMB I will be eternally greatful at the least!
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