1. NetMage's Avatar
    I wish Summerboard had custom preferences per theme.

    I think a theme specific .plist in the theme folder could hold the preferences.

    A new preference, Use Theme preferences, would default to On if a .plist is found, otherwise Off.

    If Use Theme preferences is On, changing any preference would write the new setting in the theme .plist, which would be created if necessary, otherwise in the main .plist. Settings not in the theme .plist would be pulled from the main .plist.

    If the same thing could apply to DisplayOrder, that would be really awesome (Use Theme DisplayOrder).

    I'd also like to see a more flexible Wallpaper override (stop the madness) - how about a wallpaper picker with options for Theme, Lockscreen, or pick one (choosing from any theme folder or picture folder).
    2007-10-19 06:17 AM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    I would LOVE custom display order lists per theme.
    That would rock.
    2007-10-19 06:34 AM
  3. kryptedak's Avatar
    wow if only lets get it poppin smbs
    2007-11-01 03:00 AM