1. Dashti's Avatar
    I've been trying for over 2 weeks and couldn't set one ;(
    anyone help?
    2008-04-14 05:06 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    You can try "make it mine" found in installer.
    2008-04-14 05:12 PM
  3. Dashti's Avatar
    I wanna put an image not a text =)
    2008-04-14 05:27 PM
  4. jovianremix's Avatar
    make it mine doesnt work on 1.1.4...does it?
    2008-04-14 05:41 PM
  5. Dashti's Avatar
    No it works
    2008-04-14 05:44 PM
  6. bowler001's Avatar
    Download customize 2.0. If you wanna use your own images, you can upload them through customizes website, or you can ssh into the phone and add the files to your customize folder. You can also ssh into the phone and replace the default_CARRIER_ATT.png and FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png files directly. This didn't seem to work for me, and I found it way easier to add them to the customize folder and leave them in there for future use if I make other carrier changes.
    2008-04-14 06:14 PM
  7. davis757's Avatar
    Use make it mine and change the text to iPod. Then use customize to change the carrier grafic
    2008-04-14 06:50 PM
  8. ipirate's Avatar
    I've been trying for over 2 weeks and couldn't set one ;(
    anyone help?
    The following post has all you need to know,this worked for me
    2008-04-14 07:06 PM
  9. dominic56's Avatar
    davis757 is correct, install MIM and change the text to "ipod" then the carrier graffic you chose in customize will show up. (if you are using the customize version before 2.0)
    2008-04-14 08:57 PM
  10. Dashti's Avatar
    How to do it without customize? I have danimator customize and can't find the CarrierLogo folder so I have to do it thru SSH.. any one help? Thx
    2008-04-14 09:51 PM
  11. Dashti's Avatar
    ?!?!?! anyone?
    2008-04-16 12:45 AM