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    Please help me out here,

    One of the primary reasons I purchased an iPhone was to use it as a PDA, but the Notes program leaves much to be desired.

    I really like the interface, and the ability to organize projects as indavidual pages, but is there anyway to sync it to my mac and edit these notes on my laptop?

    I tried the ToDo list program when it first came out, but it gave me no way to sort items by project, which is critical.

    I'm currently using a text file, which I manually sync with iFuntastic and edit with MobileTextEditor, but this workflow really sucks. Also all the old text files stay in the "open" menu, even after they're long gone from the phone. Any way to remove these?

    Any iPhone masters out there have some info that can help this n00b out?
    2007-10-26 10:11 AM