1. TroutPro's Avatar
    Just updated my firmware to 1.1.1 with the new iFuntastic, and now my springboad slides to the left to reveal a new page, yet there's no mention of this anywhere in iFuntastic. How do I change the icons and background on this second page? I like it and want to keep it, but have no clue how to modify it.
    2007-10-26 09:15 AM
  2. Reako's Avatar
    However you change the icons and such on the first page, the second page will follow.

    2007-10-26 06:03 PM
  3. Stevonw's Avatar
    This functions is activated in SMBPrefs (aka Summerboard when u turn on Skip last row)

    I also done the 1 click jailbreak via iFuntastic
    2007-10-26 06:36 PM
  4. Digital Oxygen's Avatar
    I've upgraded to 1.1.1 (the old fashiond way - no iFuntastic), and I still have the 2 pages on the springboard, so I doubt it's iFuntastic or summerboard related.

    Download customize and used RSBT to change the order of the icons.
    2007-10-26 07:05 PM