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    Hey guys,

    This is a how to on gettin the SNES not NES...yes SNES on your iTouch or iPhone.

    Step One: Go to installer and go to sources on the bottom right.

    Step Two: Go to edit and go to add

    Step Three: Add this source "http://zodttd.com/repo" and save

    Step Four: Go to Install and touch All Packages

    Step Five: Scroll down and find SNES4iPhone, Install It. Now you have SNES Emulator

    Step Six: Download SNES Roms from the net sumwhere.

    Step Seven: Upload those roms to your iphone. I used ibrickr to upload the rom files, (when you first open up snes4iphone it will tell you what folder to put the roms in) Download ibrickr here http://cre.ations.net/creation/ibrickr

    Step Eight: Log into SNES in your iPhone and Play....enjoy!

    Important Note: There is no sound, this is version 1.0.0, the next update of this emulator is working on the sound format.

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    Theres actually a bunch of snes roms available in installer if you know the right source
    2008-04-21 06:40 AM
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    Do I have to create the ROMs folder in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES/?

    I'm running 1.4 and it's not there.

    Thanks in advance.

    Anyone? This seems simple enough...
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    i have tried to add this the zodttd source but keep getting the following error

    "operation could not be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 302.)"

    I have tried with different itterations eg ...repo .....repo/ ......repo/installer/ ....repo/installer

    all with no luck, any ideas?
    2008-09-01 01:25 PM