1. zakmorrisbrick's Avatar
    I don't get it before I upgraded to 1.1.4, ringtones were so easy to get onto the iphone using iBrickr, now my question is on 1.1.4 firmware what program are you guys using to put ringtones on your iphone?
    2008-04-21 01:07 AM
  2. wine_guy's Avatar
    If you use bosstools, or install cydia packager, it will move your ringtones over to the /private/var/Ringtones/ folder. Then, use ssh to transfer your ringers over to this folder.
    2008-04-21 01:18 AM
  3. ssj4goku's Avatar
    hope this helps........


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    2008-04-21 01:18 AM
  4. zakmorrisbrick's Avatar
    tried that, little difficult though....just wondering if there are any programs that are comparable to ibrickr
    2008-04-21 02:27 AM
  5. ssj4goku's Avatar
    duno but did it work?
    2008-04-21 02:29 AM
  6. zakmorrisbrick's Avatar
    well after I select the song fro the ringtone application, I go back to settings>sounds>ringtone, and I don't see the file there...
    2008-04-21 02:37 AM
  7. ssj4goku's Avatar
    did it convert....which did you use quick or advanced convert....also did you check at the top left where it says ringtones and check to see if its there
    2008-04-21 02:41 AM
  8. skrew's Avatar
    there are 2 mode :
    1 without needing to convert (direct mode)
    and other who need to convert (and you find converted sound in ringtones settings)

    In version 2.85 the "ringtones activated" in operator name are removed since users don't want to see operator name changed
    iPhone 4 / iPad 2
    2008-04-21 08:38 AM
  9. rayc's Avatar
    use Iringer mate. so simple
    2008-04-21 10:12 AM
  10. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    2008-04-21 02:29 PM
  11. markds11's Avatar
    i tried iringer, and just making them in itunes, this is the only one that worked for me
    2008-04-24 01:58 AM