1. Kariya9mdoa's Avatar
    I didn't need to do any hacking to fix the error

    I tried fixing permissions from the iphone and that did not work kept on reverting back to old permissions.

    So i ssh into iphone with transmit (mac) and changed the application to 777 and then went and found the downloads folder and changed that to 777

    And everything worked it transfers the download straight to the ipod

    Love this app
    2008-05-16 06:43 AM
  2. alerx7's Avatar
    setting the permission to the app and folder to 777 fix the "cant recongnize thingy" but wen i download something it doesnt apear in downloads, can anyone help me out , ive downloaded alot of files and i even tryed to ssh and look for the /var/root/media/downloads manually , and i cant find it , can someone help or has the same problem.
    i saw , i bought, i unlocked!
    2008-05-17 08:30 PM
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