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    hey everyone, I just recently purchased an unlocked iphone and am interested in installing applications to the iphone but with such a big investment in the phone, the last thing i want is to get bricked. basicly my questions are:

    do all iphones come with the installer appliction button on the main menu and is it ok to instal those applications such as games, dictionary...ect?

    if not, could someone direct me into where i could find such information out?

    (i searched with no luck and sorry if this question has been asked before)



    i am currently on a unlocked iphone version 1.0.2. with installer v2.63
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    2007-10-30 03:46 AM
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    I can see that you have installer installed now.
    Heres what to do to get apps (dont worry this will definately NOT brick your phone)
    Tap Installer
    Install Community Sources
    Install BSD Subsystem
    Install OpenSSH
    Now there should be A LOT of apps to choose from.
    Summerboard is a necessity as it allows scrolling through pages and more than 16 icons.
    You should also Update the installer.
    Any more questions? PM Me!

    2007-10-30 05:18 AM
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    thanks Zach, you got Pm'd!
    2007-10-30 07:51 PM