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    The books reader on the iphone, reads "text" files that are .htm
    this means you can pretty much find your own books without waiting for the ones you want to come available on the installer.

    all you have to do is get on the net, and find htm files that contain the book you want, and save it your PC.
    winSCP into your iphones file browser.
    from the directory drop down menu select the first one. Should Bee the word ROOT in the middle of the greater than and less than signs.
    then follow this directory path:


    here you can create directories and "drag and drop" .htm files into the directories that you create.

    just restart the books application on your iphone and BAM new books.

    **Please note, you might want to create a new directory for each Author, just to keep things organized.**

    also, Im pretty sure the program doesn't read PDF files.
    can someone confirm this?
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    Johnny Cage is a FAKE
    2007-10-30 11:06 PM
  2. NetMage's Avatar
    It doesn't handle PDF files.

    And how is this a new program launch?
    2007-10-31 01:19 AM
  3. dchurch21's Avatar
    It doesn't handle PDF files.

    And how is this a new program launch?
    Post new native apps in this forum. Also post updates to apps in this thread.

    this is an update to books and how you can utilize it without waiting for a book you WANT to come out on the installer.
    Johnny Cage is a FAKE
    2007-10-31 01:59 AM
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