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    help guys
    i was installing a programe fron installer and closed installer but i accidently opened another programe while the phone was locking as it always does when the installer installes a programe the u slide the "slide to unlock " and u find the programe /the problem is that i opened a programe while it was loading to lock so when i slide to unlock and opened the phone the calender , phone and photoes buttons dissapeared . please tell me if thre is something to return them back and if there isn't how can i make a bckup for the iphone so as all the resources i instaled wouldn't be gone and have to research for them again also all the apps i installed would be gone . please i need any help , thanks guys

    shall i copy all the folders in iphone using winscp or what , please i need hel as soon as possible

    shall i copy all the folders in the iphone using winscp or there is better way , please help guys
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