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  1. smackjack's Avatar
    hi.. how do i add "empty icon slots" on the springboard? i want to have like 10 icons on the first board (iphone 1.1.1), 12 on the second and 5 on the 3rd. The rest (for example the 5 last icon slots on board 1) has no icons. I think i have seen screenshots of this im almost 100% sure
    2007-10-31 10:40 PM
  2. devlinrandom's Avatar
    Do you mean It mentions at the bottom that it has issues with 1.1.1, in that if you click a space where an icon would normally be visible, it will still launch a transparent app of sorts to match that transparent icon. lol There is a somewhat alternate method here, over at hackintosh, but it says it still launches spacer apps, only it faults back to Springboard quicker thank I use still, to keep a blank looking first page, and don't tend to accidentally launch the spacer apps too often. I haven't tried the other method, but just happened to come across that post the other night.
    2007-11-01 02:23 AM