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    As you can see in the picture to the left, there are no icons where the words are in the bottom row. Its hard to see them in this photo.They used to be there. And all of a sudden they dissapeared. If anyone can help me out to fix the problem I would appreciate it. And also does anybody know how to delete the bookmark files in the nes.

    Thanks Jordan
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    2007-11-01 02:21 AM
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    Uninstall NES from Installer, then SSH into your phone, go to Library/Preferences and delete any file that has reference to NES (3 or 4 files, if i remember correct).

    Reboot, then installer NES through Installer again.
    2007-11-01 05:24 AM
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    Thank you so much it worked perfectly. I appreciate all your help

    Much Thanks
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    2007-11-01 06:45 AM