1. zemper's Avatar
    Finally got youtube working...

    First of all here are some helpful links, even if they are redundant or if you have already seen them its help for some noobs..





    Make sure you rename lockdownd.zip to lockdown.back, thats right drop the d at the end of lockdownd so that it becomes lockdown.back. Then copy the three files (data_ark.plist, device_private_key.pem, device_public_key.pem) to var/root/library/lockdown and create an empty activations_records folder and delete everyting inside the pair_records folder.

    I had every problem mentioned in this thread so far and this is the only combination that worked for me so do it exactly this way.

    Also I used cyberduck and mobilefinder to help get the files on...
    2007-11-01 05:56 AM
  2. EVOMR187's Avatar
    what program do i use to upload them to the iphone i have vista
    2007-11-01 06:17 AM
  3. zemper's Avatar
    I use a mac but Ive heard that WinSCP works well...

    2007-11-01 07:16 PM
  4. x0bry7x's Avatar
    Theres an easier way for the 1.1.1

    - Open installer, and install the update if prompted.
    - Go to sources and tap Edit and Add
    - Add this URL: i.unlock.no
    - Tap Done and then Refresh
    - Go to Unlocking Tools category
    - Install YouTube activation
    2007-11-01 11:35 PM
  5. pablonona's Avatar
    Any ideas on this? It's been working fine on the 1.1.1 unlocked, but on my previous 1.0.2 unlocked they would fill the widescreen format, but now they all seem to 4:3 ratio...leaving black vertical bars on the sides.
    2007-11-05 04:54 PM
  6. zemper's Avatar
    thats really strange, I would test videos that were in 16:9 on your computer first and compare them on the the playback on your iphone and then see what happens with native 4:3 videos on the iphone as well..
    2007-11-05 10:00 PM