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    I can't get the themes to show up in summerboard!! Not even the few it originally comes with.. When I select themes its just blank!! The only way I can view then is through customizer 2.0 on the smb pref. I prefer to us the summerboard themes because they include more icons.. Is there a way I can turn it on from customizer?? I've tried unistalling and reinstalling but still nothing.. Any help would be appreciated

    no one else has incountered this problem
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    2008-05-01 05:54 PM
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    wrong section

    please post in the right section
    2008-05-01 06:00 PM
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    I'm sorry I don't know what the right section is I'm kinda a new be any hlep would be appreciated
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    Woah... calm down. If you want to stay a member here I'd be nice to the mods. No one here HAS to help you... especially after a childish fit! How old are you? Go to www.ipodtouchfans.com or www.hackint0sh.com Maybe they'll make you feel all warn and fuzzy
    2008-05-02 08:27 PM
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    You didn't give very much info.
    Try installing the "1.1.3/4 Theme Fix". Found in installer
    2008-05-02 08:39 PM
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    thanx broom head I'll try that right now
    2008-05-02 11:09 PM
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    You may need to uninstall and then reinstall theme's in question
    2008-05-02 11:30 PM
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    the fix didn't work I done know how to explain other than the themes aren't in the summerboard folder.. The only way I can view then is through customizer 2.0
    2008-05-02 11:35 PM
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    Well then skip installer and do it with ssh

    How to SFTP Summerboard themes 1.1.4

    1. install BSD subsystem
    (from list of apps available from Installer)

    2. install OpenSSH
    (from list of apps available from Installer)

    3. Get a SFTP program to SSH to your iphone from your computer
    (If using a MAC try FuGu or Transmit. If using a PC try WinSCP? or iPhoneBrowser?)

    4. SFTP settings: Server will be your IP address of your iphone, User = root, password = dottie or alpine.
    (get your iphones IP address from Settings->Wifi->click the arrow next to the wifi network you are connected to. you'll then see your IP address)

    5. Summerboard themes go in var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/ , this is the directory you'll place your themes. each theme should have it's own folder.
    2008-05-02 11:41 PM
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    Thanx for the info broom I've ssh'd the themes but I'll can't view it in summerboard not even the original themes it comes with are showing up like lepard and the others it comes with.. I click on summerboard then the theme tap and its blank.. I can view then in customizer smb pref. But can't do anything with them the ones I ssh'd are there too..
    2008-05-03 06:29 AM
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    i put the themes in that directory but how come it doesn't show up in my SMB prefs? THanks!
    2008-05-15 11:58 PM