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    OK, I had resisted the temptation to install summerboard for quite some time, but finally broke down and tried it. Not because I really needed to, but just out of curiosity. And though I found it to have some cute features, I mostly prefer the simplicity of the regular iphone design.

    So, when I uninstalled it, I was given a message that some third party apps might not launch afterward. While I've found this to be untrue, I'm now paranoid that my Installer hangs for a second before it loads (It may have done this before and I just didn't realize it, lol). I've also realized that summerboard leaves behind a lot of litter on the iphone and only the SMBpref.app file is actually uninstalled.

    So, am I just being paranoid about the installer hanging? Is there any potential problems related to having installed and uninstalled summerboard that I should know about? Would a restore erase all the clutter left over from installing and uninstalling third party apps, particularly summerboard?

    Does it even matter? lol
    2007-11-06 11:06 AM