1. sailorguido's Avatar
    So I wanted to see if I could get Doom running on my iphone just for the hell of it even if its just the demo screen. I put the doom app on my phone using iphone drive and moved it to where the other apps are on my springboard, then I used iphonedrive and put doom1.wad on my phone. Using mobile finder i moved doom1.wad into a folder called "Doom" in my "Media" folder. I launch Doom but all I get is a white screen. I read that the doomwad must go in var/root/media/doom folder, is the "media" folder on the mobile finder not this folder? Is there some other method I am supposed to be doing to get the doomwad on the phone into a correct folder? Any help is appreciated and man I wish they would make the controls for this game.
    2007-11-10 06:41 AM