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    I have been looking for the perfect application that will remind me that I have unread SMS messages by playing a ringtone of my choice. So far the available applications are limited and I have been using one as discussed in the thread below:-


    Basically this one did the trick almost perfectly. I am on call for work and get SMS messages in the middle of the night and a single alert isn't enough to wake me!! So basically I used Reminder application in the above thread and configured this for a ringtone of my choice and set it to alert me every 1 minute for 50 times - this would certainly wake me up at 3am...

    I have a couple of problems with this application in that it stops working periodically. I can't confirm exactly when but I seem to thing it works once after syncing with iTunes and then stops. Resetting the service using UICTL sorts it out as does resetting the phone but I can't rely on this.

    In addition to this I have tried contacting the developer using the thread and since my first couple of questions all responses have gone silent so not getting any support.

    I then decided to try Kate (aka Caterpillar) and use the reminder and privacy functions. The main problem with this application is that the reminder alert isn't anywhere near long or loud enough to even stir me when asleep.

    I think the reliability of the application is ok just need to know if there is any customisation that can be done to point it at ringtones in the standard ringtone library (/Library/Rintones)

    Also I am not sure how many times it will alert before stopping itself?

    I am very keen and happy to purchase this app (even tho v.expensive) so any help, advise or expereinces on this application would be very much appreciated...

    Thanks guys..
    2008-05-12 07:20 PM