1. croix's Avatar
    every time i start up TTR and tap one of the menu buttons, it freezes up
    i've tried re-installing it and it still happens
    2007-11-14 03:40 PM
  2. alienfreak's Avatar
    so I am not the only one.. see my post in the tap tap rev. 1.3 release thread re crashes and freezes.
    2007-11-14 06:08 PM
  3. DayvG's Avatar
    Guys be patient, when I tap on iTunes library it takes 10-30 seconds to load but it does get there. I'm assuming its because its reading and populating your library and it takes time. It will load, you just gotta wait. Occasionally it will crash and go back to the springboard, but that's rare. The program is buggy I admit but on the whole a little patience makes this my favorite app.
    2008-03-01 11:52 PM