1. saifeeab's Avatar
    hey guys. can anyone pls give me the installer source for downloading iphone video recorder 1.2 (the org. source is now showing v1.2.2)

    i had this before and recently had to restore my phone. v1.2.2 is giving an error downloading and i still prefer to have the old version.

    if any1 has the .app installation file u can post it or pm me for download. thanx
    2008-05-17 06:25 AM
  2. Zwayne's Avatar
    Take a look Here
    2008-05-17 06:34 AM
  3. saifeeab's Avatar
    thanx guys. download finally worked. problem solved
    2008-05-18 08:24 AM
  4. imbuggin's Avatar
    nice program I will be registering it for full use. The only 2 issues I have are once I use it I need to respring Vwallpaper to get it working again. and 2 it would be nice to have the preview screen up to hit record instead of doing it blindly.

    Anyone updated to skrewcommon 3.11 with it yet?
    2008-05-19 06:06 PM
  5. j0keboy's Avatar
    Can someone help clarify something for a nubie?

    I want to install this video recorder but not sure where to begin...

    On the site, it says to install installer.app... how do i do this?

    I have Cydia on my iphone when I used iliberty.

    The instructions:

    To install this application on your iPhone, you must know how to jail-break the iPhone and install the software needed. The following sites provides excellent information on this topic.
    Hack the iPhone - An international site featuring Mac and Windows instructions for modding.
    iNdependence v1.0 released for Mac (next-gen iActivator) - Hackint0sh

    Install Method 1: installer.app method
    Please add iPhone Recorder source http://www.iphone-recorder.com/install to your iPhone installer.
    How-To: Add third-party sources to your iPhone's Installer.app

    iPhone Recorder Source: http://www.iphone-recorder.com/install

    After refresh your installer source, you will find iPhone Recorder in Multimedia category, install it.

    Any help is appreciated!
    2008-05-19 07:13 PM