1. ianhutch1's Avatar
    Anyone using it?

    Downloaded it this morning and it looks great, total integration into the normal SMS app but supposedly saving about 60% on what my network operator charges.

    Would rather have some feedback before purchasing credits though.
    2008-05-18 04:12 AM
  2. ianhutch1's Avatar
    i'll take that as a no then
    2008-05-21 10:28 AM
  3. chumber's Avatar
    Yes I have downloaded it before. It is actually good and it will intergrate wil your original sms app. You can also forward sms from bite and a fe more things. One problem You must always have a wifi connection when sending the sms. Although you dont need it when receiving. I think it is quit pointless that you need wifi to send. So overall not so good.
    2008-05-29 10:35 AM
  4. bts0uth's Avatar
    ive got unlimited sms so ill pass
    2008-05-29 12:17 PM
  5. timjack2's Avatar
    If Wi-Fi is needed for this app then this is a waste of money.

    There are many sites online that enable you to send free text messages, such as Free SMS Text Messaging and Business Bulk SMS Solutions from CardBoardFish.

    Simply go on there on your PC (or iphone, this is why these sites are becomming more popular) enter the phone number and text message and swnd, all for free as long as you have internet, so you can use it on edge aswell.

    I fear that that site is for UK only, but with the help of google you will find your country equavilent almost insantly

    Just a note: with thses sites make sure you tell the reciver of the message that you sent it online, so that they don't reply to the services number, tell them to reply to your phone as normal . Some companys use this to make money as you have to pay to view your replies occasionally.

    Just make sure to tell them to reply to YOUR phone number
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    2008-05-29 12:45 PM