1. Febreeze's Avatar
    i am currently downloading the aqwoah battery which changes my iphones original battery charger screen and it has stopped at the very end still saying downloading package. i can still call and go on safari and everything else but when i got to installer it is still downloading... what should i do? do i turn off the iphone and then turn it back on? will that brick my iphone
    i need help! is there a way to cancel this download or is this how long its suppose to take. Ive been waiting for an hour now.. someone please help
    2008-05-18 12:48 PM
  2. ajrulez's Avatar
    Hehe I have a similar problem After I installed Aqwoah Battery, my phone started displaying a new update for Chocolate Theme (or something like that). I installed that update, and then it said there's an update for Aqwoah battery. And this is just like a cyclic thing now as far as these two are concerned - install one, second shows up as update - install second, first comes up as update - install first, second comes up as update Never ending
    2008-05-19 11:48 PM
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    wrong forum.

    this should be posted here:
    Native iPhone / iPod Touch App Discussion - ModMyI.com | iPhone forums, iPhone hacks, iPhone unlock
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    2008-05-21 01:54 AM
  4. zsuns's Avatar
    Just restart your iPhone--no, this will not brick youre iPhone.

    I know because i've had many similar problems before =]
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-05-21 07:25 AM