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    I was just installing some things on installer apps and i installed the ipod3 tweak in the 1.1.1 tweaks section. It didn't work at first, it said i needed the 1.1.12 tweak so i went to customize and "configure customize" ( i think its something new in customize never saw it before ) then changed the version to 1.1.2 and then the installation for ipod3 tweak worked. I didn't know what the ipod 3 tweak but i still went ahead and installed and now my iphone is so messed up. To name a few I dont have my ipod icon on my dock. ( I cant get it to ) And i cant arrange my icons the way I want them anymore, It would just go back to there original positions. Can someone help me with this ? Thanks
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    2007-11-16 04:08 PM
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    CUSTOMIZE SUCKS!! its breaking so many phones from what i can tell
    2007-11-16 10:26 PM