1. pacmac's Avatar
    i installed 2.0 customize didnt mess with it yet didnt make backups ect..just looked in it didnt mess with settings ect...well my lil brother mess with it and click customize on my SMB app..and then he add themes and othere stuff..when i go to my SMB and put my themes i normaly had it wont go..and also its like some of the themes like status bars.. ect..are like mix around with a theme....how do i redo all that stuff back..back to normal..? i try to uninstall the app 2.0 but still i have mix themes on it..

    how do i put it back to normal were i can use my orginal SMB .. im not familiar with 2.0 customize yet..

    2008-05-21 04:30 AM
  2. Safari's Avatar
    Customize>Theme Browser>My Themes>OriginalBackup
    2008-05-21 04:33 AM
  3. pacmac's Avatar
    ok i did and it works....but when i go to my original SMB i change the themes but only the wallpaper shows up..and just show the original iphone icons..wont apply theme icon themes i want...

    do i have to do something on the 2.0 customize aswell? not sure what my lil bro did on that 2.0 customize settings..

    2008-05-21 04:48 AM