1. Rhez's Avatar
    why didnīt you use oktprep before you updated to 1.1.2? In all the other tutorials it is recommended? Is the thing usally done with oktprep done with idemocracy?
    Thank You.

    its possible that I may have put phone into restore mode and restored back to 1.1.1 without jailbreaking / activating, that be the case, you don't need to use oktoprep for that step
    2007-11-20 09:27 PM
  2. iNfEk's Avatar
    through this method since I'm going to be using my AT&T sim will this cause trouble? I've always had iTunes activate my phone

    Sorry if has been covered before
    2007-11-20 09:29 PM
  3. patient0's Avatar
    hi this is great , !! but does anyone have a guide for 1.0.2

    1.0.2 unlocked with anysim 1.?
    to 1.1.2 ?

    thanks in advance
    2007-11-20 09:36 PM
  4. acaijr73's Avatar
    Ive gotten 1.1.2 up and running and unlocked.... im able access vmail by the icon and make a call by add book but im only got the problem of the phone & sms app crashing when tryng to enter numbers in the keypad... I live in bermuda and my carrier is DIGICEL.... the guides if seen doesnt support bermuda can anybody help me on that part

    *******GOT IT WORKING*******
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    1) 16Gig 1ST GEN IPHONES 3.0 Unlkd /PWND/BNeutered

    1) 16Gig 3G IPHONE BLK PWND, 3.1.2 F/Unlkd

    1) 32Gig 3G(s) IPHONE 3.1.2 F/Unlockd/Blackra1nd
    2007-11-20 09:39 PM
  5. xandili's Avatar
    Sorry, havent read your post carefully - try U.K. or any other country and see what happens!

    Other Method would be manually, I have done that before iWorld was released. If you are interested I could send you the HOW TO post!
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    2007-11-20 09:48 PM
  6. roymseafood's Avatar
    Has anyone got their carrier setttings working for Tmobile US? Can you post the modified plist file? Thanks.
    2007-11-20 10:36 PM
  7. modmyrharris's Avatar
    Successfully upgraded from 1.1.1 on Vodafone UK to 1.1.2. Took two attempts, 2nd going via 1.0.1 (had similiar issues with the 1.1.1 upgrade) but now everything works as it should.

    wifi, edge, voice mail sms (yippee!!)

    Have also applied the voicemail button fix, font modification to the carrier text and call forward changes without problem.

    Have been succesful with customize (needed to run 3 times before it worked!!); services.app (please add afp on/off to this ); stumbler, and a few games...

    So far so good.... Richard.
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    2007-11-20 11:44 PM
  8. apercele79's Avatar
    i added bbupdater to make sure i can start your tutorial but the meesage i get is:

    zsh: permission denied: bbupdater

    what have i done wrong, i would hate to start the tutorial if i cant even get this to work

    edit: i received a private message from wxdotz and he told me what i was doing wrong, i hadnt set the file to 0755..
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    2007-11-21 12:53 AM
  9. simonk83's Avatar
    You seem to be missing the part where you use the patched lockdownd file....
    2007-11-21 01:06 AM
  10. Mac_Gyver's Avatar
    I don't get my iPhone into DFU mode anymore at the beginning of step 4 ....

    //Edit: Got it finally
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    2007-11-21 02:33 AM
  11. apercele79's Avatar
    I don't get my iPhone into DFU mode anymore at the beginning of step 4 ....

    //Edit: Got it finally
    what did u do, im currently in step 4, i just downgraded to 1.1.1 but i cant get the stupid itunes icon off the phone...

    edit: got it finally
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    2007-11-21 02:56 AM
  12. BrakBrak's Avatar
    I have a jailbreakme.com'ed v1.1.1 iPhone. Never unlocked, I got it as a iPod, I use a CDMA provider myself. I wanted Bluetooth, Speakers, hardware volume controls, vibrate and the camera for only $100 more over the iPod Touch.

    The tutorial said I should not continue if the bootloader doesn't match. I got my iPhone after November 9th, but I haven't checked my bootloader version yet, what if it doesn't match, is there another method I should use to jailbreak?

    I never unlocked it, just jailed broke it. I still don't want to unlock, but I may later. Which steps should I skip? I just want a jailbroken/activation bypassed v1.1.2 iPhone that can be AnySim'ed at a possible later date.

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide.
    2007-11-21 03:10 AM
  13. simonk83's Avatar
    Also, are you able to add the images from wherever you copied the guide parts from? You've got sentences like this:

    # you will get this pop up.
    The iPhone will display this graphic.

    # The iPhone will restart, and iTunes will display this image.

    Can you add the images?

    2007-11-21 03:10 AM
  14. apercele79's Avatar
    im currently in step 4, i just downgraded to 1.1.1 but i cant get the stupid itunes icon off the phone...it just says connect to itunes, i cant get the keypad so i can do the #*307# step...

    its so annoying

    edit: i finally got it....only took me 3 hrs
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    2007-11-21 03:26 AM
  15. Rosheeen's Avatar
    what do i need the lockdown for..?
    do i really need to use it?
    2007-11-21 04:02 AM
  16. vraniga's Avatar

    Thanks for the great guide. I don't understand how to chmod? I select all the files, and click properties, but I don't see chmod?

    The instruction reads:

    After login into your phone, goto root -> Applications and copy the anySIM.app folder there and chmod all the files inside the anySIM.app folder to 0755 (by selecting all files and click on Properties)

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    2007-11-21 05:04 AM
  17. vincent6396's Avatar
    After you click properties look near the bottom, you see a box with something like 0644? I forgot the exact numbers, just change those numbers to 0755 and save.
    2007-11-21 05:09 AM
  18. BrakBrak's Avatar
    Can AnySim be run after v1.1.2 jailbreak?
    2007-11-21 05:47 AM
  19. HPinvent's Avatar
    i cant get my unactivated iphone to go to recovery mode so i can downgrade it to 1.1.1 i have the 1.1.2 out of the box but its cool cuz i just want to activate it and wait for a future exploit that can unlock it but how can i get it to activate?
    2007-11-21 05:52 AM
  20. evalladob's Avatar
    Thank you for this excelent guide is perfect and works just perfect...
    Good Job and hope soon there will be one for OTB 1.1.2...

    2007-11-21 06:17 AM
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