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    Ok so I had to install modded customize since the regular customize crashed when i tried to open it, and it opens and everything, but i can download any icons or themes. Like i can install them but then i open up customize and there isnt anything there. Does anybody know why?


    no one knows what i should do?
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    2008-05-26 09:49 PM
  2. jwfab1's Avatar
    It might be saving them in the wrong folder. SSH into your phone and look for the themes, you may have to move them to another location.

    I think themes go in this folder

    /var/mobile/library/customize or

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    2008-05-26 10:07 PM
  3. homedawg678's Avatar
    Can't you only do that in windows? I have a mac
    2008-05-26 11:33 PM
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    wrong forum.
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    2008-05-26 11:33 PM
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    sorry? I just registered
    2008-05-27 12:39 AM
  6. skiez's Avatar
    go get the new version of customize.....
    2008-05-27 02:33 AM
  7. homedawg678's Avatar
    Customize 2.0? I tried to but whenever i open it it just crashes, so my friend told me to get modded customize but i have this problem now
    2008-05-27 02:54 AM
  8. Zwayne's Avatar
    Getting Summerboard and Customize to work properly

    * Uninstall all Summerboard Themes and Customize Themes. Also uninstall the Summerboard fix. Then unistall Summerboard and Customize.
    * Restart you iPhone/iPod Touch.
    * Now reinstall Summerboard then close installer and restart you iPhone/iPod Touch - you must do this, don't install anything else or go into Summerboard, just restart.
    * Now open up Summerboard and scroll to the bottom, it should have "active" in brackets. If not then unistall it and try again.
    * Assuming that it worked and does say "Active" go into Installer and install Customize 2.0.0 Beta 8 (that's the current release). Also install SUID Lib Fix, this helps and is always good to have. Now close installer and restart your iPhone/iPod Touch.
    * Once its booted up go into Summerboard, select Theme and select Customize, if its not there reinstall Customize - unistall it then install then restart again. If you want the wallpaper to work make sure Theme Wallpaper is ON and in the "Advanced" section make sure Wallpaper is ON.
    * OK, now go into Customize, it may crash the first three times, don't worry its doing stuff to set it up. Just keep opening it again till it stays open. Hopefully it should work.
    * The reason why in SMB Prefs you choose Customize is because in Customize 2.0 when you apply a theme it modifies the Customize Summerboard Theme whilst changing all the things that the original customize changed, like the WiFi images and battery images etc. So that's why you choose Customize in SMB Prefs. Hopefully if you follow what I said then you should be able to download and apply themes and they will work without a hitch.

    Read more here!
    2008-05-27 03:09 AM
  9. homedawg678's Avatar
    I did that but customize doesnt show up in summerboard, i re installed it 3 times, does it matter that it is customize 2 b 10 ?
    2008-05-29 09:44 PM