1. pkronen's Avatar
    I had a unlocked 1.0.2 iphone and when installed appsnapp, this ended in an unusable phone. iTunes suggested to restore, and I didn't realize that it would upgrade to 1.1.2!! Now I'm a angry brick owner!

    Is there a metheod to just 'copy' a fresh 1.0.2 onto it like putting something on a memory stick (which it is somehow)?? From there I could start with iNdependence it again...

    And after some trials, I have managed the yellow (iso cable/itunes logo) connect-to-itunes sign. Does it mean I am on 1.0.2 again?
    What about this so-called baseband stuff?
    And is my non AT&T SIM card required for it to be in?

    Thanks for any infos!
    2007-11-20 04:43 PM
  2. overthetop75's Avatar
    Can't help you on the Mac side since I could not get things to work with itunes 7.5. I ended up using this write up on my windows machine. It has all of the links for every download to make it work and a great write up.

    2007-11-20 10:39 PM
  3. Randy's Avatar
    The exact same thing happened to me. I used Parallels on my Mac with the Windows program "iBrickr" (by Nate True). That program does its thing for a minute or so, and then like magic the phone is unbricked. Still, iBrickr gives an error saying that it can't do what it's meant to do despite its success. Hope this assists somehow.
    2007-11-21 06:50 AM