1. danvicente's Avatar
    For a few days I have been trying to get installer to open but it would only load up to the refreshing sources and would then crash, sometimes i would get a chance to see the "featured section" before it crashed which was weird.. I just found out that Islsk which i am addicted too is always runing in the background. Idk if it was just because i was refreshing the sources but after i quit the program I could once again get into installer.. I think the iphone may only be capable of sending so much data in and out although i tried over edge and wifi with the same results..

    I doubt anyone else has had this issue, but just a heads up to anyone who did .
    2008-05-30 05:07 AM
  2. haycool's Avatar
    heyy danvicente i also have this problem...dont u know how to solve it???? plz reply in a private msg ...thnx very much
    2008-07-20 10:30 PM