1. kiji's Avatar
    I have GBA, NES amongst the other ones and I seem to be having problems uploading any roms to the folder that is suppose to be housing them.

    I have made the folder in the /root/Media and the /mobile/Media (1.1.3) and I am still getting problems saying that the ROMS can not be found.

    I am running 1.1.4 and thought I would ask to see if any other member is having the same problem(s).
    2008-06-03 02:27 AM
  2. Stealth1029's Avatar
    I might get banned for this, but look for a repo called iPhone Roms. I'ts got everything you need.

    You didn't hear from me... (I've always wanted to say that )

    In case you decide not to, they go in the following:

    GBA - /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GBA
    Genisis - /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GENISIS
    NES - /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES
    SNES - /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES
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    2008-06-03 02:48 AM
  3. kiji's Avatar
    Actually iPhone Roms is no longer a working link due to them being warez. Thought I would point that out
    2008-06-03 03:04 AM
  4. Stealth1029's Avatar
    Works for me (For the mods: Or does it?...)
    2008-06-03 03:05 AM
  5. kiji's Avatar
    to be honest I have no clue but I got it to work now... it didn't install the gpSPhone.app folder but now I have this font that goes across it and can't seem to find out what it is.

    Sorr", but ipSP requiras a Gameboa Advan you have anwincorrect IbIOS p image +c
    2008-06-03 04:18 AM
  6. Stealth1029's Avatar
    Oh, that. go look up "gba_bios.bin" in google, once you find it, stick it in your gpsPhone.app folder. that should get you going.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT put the link here. it's warez.
    2008-06-03 04:26 AM
  7. kiji's Avatar
    yea I have done that several times and still get the same stupid error for some reason.
    2008-06-03 04:31 AM
  8. Stealth1029's Avatar
    just use the one from "The Repo" it's a hell of a lot easier.
    2008-06-03 04:36 AM
  9. kiji's Avatar
    Got it to work so this can be closed.
    2008-06-03 09:10 PM