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    Hello i hope this topic is in the right place because i couldnt find a better section to put this.

    My problem is that i cant use my wifi connection fine because it always disconnect, ok what i do is connect my iphone to my router (Linksys WRT54GP2) and its fine, but then after some minutes the internet is gone, the iphone is still connected to wifi but i can not open any page, so i am connected to lan but i can not use internet, this is very strange, what i do to "fix" this is go to settings / wifi / select my wifi settings / and press renew lease and it only works after my iphone gets a new local IP address, but if the local IP address is the same then my iphone still cant get internet connection, i hope somebody can help me because i really dont know if this is normal or what i am doing wrong.

    Thank you.
    2007-11-27 01:12 AM