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    I absolutely love my Touch. And the and this community makes owning a Touch about 200% more entertaining. I know the SDK is coming out soon, and like the rest of you all, I'm hoping it will inspire the creation of scads of new (inexpensive or free) applications and application ports. And like you, I have my hopes for what I'd like to see come about. But I wanted to post a few of the things I think are most missing from the current OS, and question you developers as to whether this might be possible now, or only with the SDK.

    #1: Cut n' Paste sharing of text between applications.

    I own a Blackberry Pearl and with as many emails that I have to peck out using two fingers on the small keyboard, if I have the opportunity to skip such 'tiny-typing', I do. If I need to enter a new RSS feed, or complicated website URL etc. I email it to myself, copy it, and paste it into the application where I need it. Saves a hella lot of time.

    I had to restore my Touch this morning and at least 45 minutes of the total 3 hours were spent tiny-typing URL's back into MobileCast, MobileRSS and the like.

    Are there OS hooks/API's to allow this kind of text interaction now? Or will it require the SDK?

    #2: Safari bookmarks management or alternative Web Browser?

    Again, on my Blackberry Pearl the default BB Browser is lacking in a number of areas. Bookmark management is pretty much nonexistent except for the ordering of the bookmarks -- not unlike the Iphone/Touch. So on my Blackberry I use Opera Mini instead of the default browser and it does bookmarks better along with other aspects of web browsing.

    Safari on the Iphone/Touch is fantastic - especially the pages management feature, zooming and landscape. But for example, is it possible to enhance bookmarks to allow for folders/groups? And if it isn't customizable like that through add-ons, would the current OS support another browser?

    Or would it be easier to wait for the SDK?
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    #1 use ssh or something and backup all your preference files

    #2 I have/can make folders in my bookmarks maby your just missing the button
    open your bookmarks/click edit/click new folder
    2007-12-02 02:55 AM