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    I've seen quite a few posts with people complaining about the amount of time it takes them to refresh sources when they first enter the Installer.app or when you hit the refresh button.

    I've had the same problem but I've learned one big cause of this is dead or incorrect sources in your sources list. The timeout for contacting a source seems to be enormous.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I use Shai's "All Sources" via installer. Most of the sources fall into nice neat categories that mirror the list that is available elsewhere on this forum and sticky'd on itouchfans.com But many sources appear to be dead. They offer nothing, and their name comes up as "Untitled Source". To give some examples:


    loringstudios.com/iPhone-schnapps/index.xml (confirmed to be shut down)

    lyndellwiggins.com/Swell.xml (doesn't seem to work, another "Swell" source does.)

    I guess somewhere in this muddled post there is both a question and a few suggestions.

    Question - what's the best way to clean your Sources list of dead or unreachable sources that slow your refresh times?


    All Sources lists are a great idea (example: Shai's). That is, if we're willing to throw caution to the wind and trust the sources list to only add sources that are safe and that won't screw up our Iphone or touch. Let's face it, to some extent we've already thrown caution to the wind by jailbreaking and installing all kinds of applications from sources unknown, based on what we've read from strangers on these forums. So I don't have any suggestions on where to draw the line on who to trust.

    But a constantly edited "All Sources" list via Installer.app would be so very valuable if there were some trusted editor adding the new and popular ones beyond the handful of ones available when you get the Installer.app. App development for this OS has been so fast paced that new sources for the latest cool app of the day pop up and die out way too quickly. And I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to keep up with them most of the time.

    With this in mind, the idea "All Sources" list would contain:

    * Sources that are reachable 75% of the time (or better)

    * English Language sources only. Other languages optional. I have no reason to have Hebrew, French, Dutch, Chinese etc sources among my sources. I am not a source collector - especially because of the time it takes to refresh sources. Since the vast majority of sources are currently English, the foreign language ones should be optional until such a time that there are so many that we can categorize them into All English Sources, All German Sources, All Hebrew Sources etc.

    * Sources should not contain "I-wanted-my-own-repo-source-so-I-made-one" duplicating things that are on other sources, or only adding a handful of themes

    Anyone else have thoughts on this? An accurate, up-to-date All Sources list would be very valuable -- as long as it doesnt grow out of control and make Source refreshes ridiculously long.
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    i do agree, because really the refresh time is so long its ridiculous... having all the sources isnt to bad, but seeing the same apps over and over again is annoying, the hebrew, dutch and etc are also kinda pointless for us americans, but whatever... just a way to make the refresh time faster is really needed
    2007-12-13 09:39 PM
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    lets begin with the MODMYIFONE SOURCE! there such a lot of double entries! like weTool! the original weTool source has the weTool version! MMI has the version 0.3.3 listed! ive always the update icon on my installer! that sucks!
    2007-12-14 01:12 AM