1. blademoritz16's Avatar
    Hi there,

    a few hours ago I upgraded to 1.1.2. Everything went smooth.

    Installed SB 3.01b1 through installer. Restart
    Installed Theme Mystique. Restart

    Icons are not replaced. 70% are orginial. I ve checked with AFP on the iPhone - all icons are there! Tried another theme - same issue.

    I unistalled and reinstalled both of them a couple times. It simply doesn't accepted calendar, maps, phone, etc. icons. I dunno what s going on.

    Anyone has an idea ? It s highly appreciated.
    2007-12-01 10:03 PM
  2. BrumBrum74's Avatar
    Do you run any other languagepack than english?
    2007-12-02 12:47 AM
  3. blademoritz16's Avatar
    Yes, I do. German.
    iWorld and anySim is removed/ uninstalled

    Do you run any other languagepack than english?
    Ok, there is a link betweend language setting and summerboard somehow. I switched back to english. The only icons in Default are now weather, Apollo and Search (adressbook general search) ?

    But how do I convert those ?
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    2007-12-02 10:47 AM
  4. sytek23's Avatar
    I'm also experiencing similar problems on 1.1.2. I have not had time to investigate...
    2007-12-02 01:45 PM
  5. BrumBrum74's Avatar
    Solution for weather icon here:


    Don't know about the other 2.
    2007-12-02 01:58 PM