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    I used the ibrickr to update my ringtones and my apps to load it in etc.. anyhow to make a long story short, my iphone doesnt connect to itunes to reboot it or anything.. all it does is resests, runs these words and codes up the screen for about 15 secs then resets and does it all over again! I tried self booting the phone but thats all it does, i cant do a thing.... PLEASE CAN SOME1 HELP ME.. I JUST GOT THE PHONE AND ITS A DAY OLD NOW THIS!!!!
    2007-12-01 10:38 PM
  2. chemicalcomfort's Avatar
    what firmware are you running? and what jailbreak method did you use?

    most likely you're going to have to restore your phone to 1.1.1 firmware and start over.
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    2007-12-02 01:51 AM
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    ^ im sorry but is that your cat? Its effin adorable
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    2007-12-02 07:23 AM