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  1. swn23's Avatar
    I heard the latest version of Customize has the 5 icon dock feature but there have been some problems and warnings advising not to update. I really want this feature. Any suggests?
    2008-06-15 04:02 PM
  2. bts0uth's Avatar
    idk, i have customize and freeboard installed and mines working fine. even with intelliscreen, 0 problems
    2008-06-15 05:36 PM
  3. iamse7en's Avatar
    The new Customize uses "Freeboard" which replaces and disables Summerboard. However, if you have more than 80 apps (as I do), you need Summerboard. Therefore, if you have 80+ apps, and you enable Freeboard, your phone will get stuck in an endless reboot, until you put Summerboard back.

    If you have less than 80 apps, then you should have no problems like bts0uth.
    2008-06-15 06:56 PM
  4. reznor9's Avatar
    I had a problem and it disabled intelliscreen. I tried to fix it and I ended up in the endless reboot. Had to restore. Got it working again. I have customize 2.0, summerboard, freeboard and intelliscreen installed. 5 icon dock enabled... no problems so far. Crossing fingers/Knock on wood. I used to have a LOT of apps, but I really never used half of them, so I weeded out some of them. Im happy
    2008-06-15 07:17 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    The 5 icon dock works great. If you ever want to go back to a 4 icon dock just make sure you drag out the extra icon before disabling it.
    2008-06-15 07:26 PM
  6. smirkis's Avatar
    yay, 5 icon dock on 1.1.4 now?

    time to update
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-06-15 11:02 PM
  7. bts0uth's Avatar
    yep, u need customize and freeboard
    2008-06-15 11:04 PM
  8. Nettwerk's Avatar
    freeboard is seperate.If I install it can I add 5 icon in dock...
    2008-06-15 11:32 PM
  9. bts0uth's Avatar
    you cant install freeboard without customize. you gotta install the new customize and then freeboard.

    the new version seems to be working fine on 1.1.4
    2008-06-15 11:42 PM
  10. reznor9's Avatar
    do you have to have summerboard and freeboard? Or can you just use freeboard? Because I thought it was designed to be a summerboard replacement. But in my experience I havent been able to get the 5 icon dock working without summerboard also installed.
    2008-06-16 07:45 PM
  11. flattop95's Avatar
    just remember it is an alpha so be prepared to restore!
    2008-06-16 07:49 PM
  12. Sadow's Avatar
    Been using the 5 dock for awhile now on 1.1.4 via caterpillar 1.1.1, customize 2.0b10,summerboard 3.2 ,intelliscreen 1.05,vwallpaper 09 problems at all. Although if i ever run into a problem, ill eventually try out the new customize and freeboard.
    2008-06-16 07:54 PM
  13. Razorinthe60s's Avatar
    i have customize version 2.0.0RC1.3 and freeboard version 0.0.1beta. everytime i turn on the 5icon option to on it switches it back to off when i go to home screen. any help would really be good. Thanks to all that can help
    2008-07-01 09:39 PM
  14. Razorinthe60s's Avatar
    thanks for the video very halpful. i just need to add the source can you list the source for freemyipodtouch. thank you
    2008-07-02 05:38 AM