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    I have a problem with i2reader. I downloaded 2 books from some1guy i think it was and reader does not see the book in installer. i go to lib. in reader and says i only have one book. but this book is in russian and is not one of the book i downloaded. where can i get some books or am i doing something wrong...please help..thanks in advance

    lololol i guess alot of people here dont read....lolol

    Just asking but why is it every post where i need help i get no answers. not just me but i seen a few who have been in trouble before and get no help...Just asking
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    2008-06-16 09:55 PM
  2. rubikscube's Avatar
    yo coachball!
    any luck
    at least ppl dont hate me on this forum
    cyz in da shoutbox
    2008-06-23 12:51 AM
  3. Heineken77's Avatar
    anyone figure this out yet?
    i2reader doesn't see my books either.

    What directory are we suppose to upload them to?
    2008-06-25 05:24 AM
  4. dabomb1022's Avatar
    it is in the directory: var/mobile/media/i2reader library (1.1.3/4) and from that source it goes to: var/mobile/media/Ebooks
    2008-07-06 04:23 AM
  5. abee02's Avatar
    has i2 been working for you guys recently, because mine randomly stopped working .it does'nt open up at all. i dont know what to do. i have so many books that need to be read!!!
    2008-07-07 01:24 AM
  6. coachballfirm's Avatar
    man I still can not get this to work.. If someone knows a site where we can get free books. Then maybe shying them in may work..

    Rubix.... I did not know you were a member here.. That's what's up.. This is my favorite site for iPhone info.... Yea I'll see u in shoutbox..lolol
    2008-07-07 02:14 AM