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    Well, I posted some thoughts earlier about how I thought HistoryDL.app was a good step forward towards direct downloading of files... then I'm checking out TUAW.COM and wham, the community has moved, quick as lightening, and we have direct downloads!!!

    There's no installer source yet. And you're going to want to read through the entire thread about the Downloader plugin before you install. (For example, I couldn't get it to work for me until I downloaded a custom INFO.PLIST someone compiled after reading people doing tweaking earlier in the thread. http://rs150.rapidshare.com/files/74174974/Info.zip )

    Original News Story on TUAW:


    The Author's thread where people are up-to-the-minute discovering ways to download various file types.


    I just gotta say. THIS MAKES ME JUMP FOR GEEK JOY!!! Can't wait to see this in a nice Installer package.

    PS: As you read through the thread, you will hear about another App called MNPLight from a French installer source that makes the unbelievable promise of allowing you to sync over the air, and to be able to actually add direct-download songs and videos to your regular library without Itunes. I'm a little wary of this. After it installs, it auto-resprings immediately. It doesn't show up in the Installer uninstall list. It does not show up on your unit, though it's there, hidden, if you look in your application directory. And it seems to temporarily disable Customize from hiding or unhiding anything including itself. Be wary....
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    I have it working but how do you play the file??
    2007-12-05 06:00 AM