1. brianmarocco's Avatar
    I know where it is, settings are all good. When I take a picture with eiter snapature or the default program the pictures are taken and saved correctly. The problem is when i go to photos the camera roll option is not there. the only way i can view my pics is to use the default app and tap the bottom left to enter photos...HELP please!!! how do i get the Camera Roll to show again????????
    2008-06-19 08:51 PM
  2. MacLunatic's Avatar
    Has it been happening for a while or did it just start happening after the 1.1.3 update right around MacWorld? Trying to determine if the update is causing this. I ended up having to completely reset the phone to fix it. Restoring the backup after reverting to factory settings re-enabled the bug, which I find interesting (because I thought it only would back up user data, not code where you'd think a bug would be living), but I can't explain it. It's really annoying, lost all my non-synchronized settings. It'd be nice if you could backup/restore/sync just the phones settings and preferences (stocks, weather, brightness, etc.).

    2008-06-20 12:50 AM
  3. Cobra's Avatar
    Hmm, what do you mean by 'the default app'?

    I think you may be confused about how the phone handles picture browsing. The pictures that photo app uses are in the images database. The camera roll images that you see (*.JPG and *.THM) on the disk are not used by photo app. (Well, it may revert to pulling the THM files if they don't exist in the database, but I don't think it does.) It stores lower resolution images of screen size in the database so it doesn't have to resize the full size camera images every time you open the photo app.
    2008-06-20 04:07 PM