1. overthetop75's Avatar
    If I miss a call and the person leaves a voicemail I get a pop up on the screen telling me I have a new voicemail. The problem is I get a ton of sms messages and after the 5th one it no longer says I have a new voicemail. Does anyone know a way for the phone to send reminders until you check the voicemail? I has already made me not notice new voicemails for hours and that affects my job.

    2007-12-07 02:54 PM
  2. Eurisko's Avatar
    One notice should actually be enough. You're lucky you get 5. Additionally, the notice badge remains on your iPhone icon until you actually check your voicemail. Why would you need to be reminded for every call? Just check your voicemail.
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    2007-12-07 03:18 PM
  3. overthetop75's Avatar
    That was not my question. If I don't get any sms messages after getting a voicemail it says you have a new voicemail. If I have been away from my phone for awhile and get say 5 sms messages I no longer see anything on the screen that says you have a new voicemail. It would be nice if it put a real message in sms that you could read or a seperate notice just for voicemails. Does this make sense?

    2007-12-07 03:20 PM
  4. Eurisko's Avatar
    My carrier, and I'm sure others as well has a service feature named "Who Called". Which will send you an actual text message (which stays in your sms list) telling you who called (with caller id info). You would also get these messages for each missed call/voicemail.
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    2007-12-07 03:35 PM
  5. theguyz's Avatar
    I beleive the iPhone only has a 5 line message reminder,

    so in essence, receive VM line #1
    SMS line #2
    SMS line #3
    SMS line #4
    SMS line #5

    now once 6th one comes all get bumped so

    Line #1 is actually SMS line #2 from above with new SMS added as line #5.

    I've updated my iPhone to 1.1.2 and whenever i get a voicemail, i get a SMS message thats says voicemail 1 and normal text notification on screen. Maybe an option for you.
    2007-12-09 05:09 PM