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    Question for you guys. I recently sold my iPhone which I "jailbreak" or jailbroke for a while. But since I was on AT&T, I did not have to unlock or activate it. When i restored it, I did an unlock and jailbreak but did not do activate again because it was having issues with YouTube everytime I chose the "do it all". Is the person going to have trouble using T-Mobile now? After I shipped the iPhone i thought i should have taken my sim card out and tried the "do it all". Let me know what you guys think. BTW the phone worked with a T-Mobile sim, Im wondering what will happen when they sync. Thanks in advance.
    2008-06-24 05:08 AM
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    101 people read my post but no one has feedback? Was there something i missed?
    2008-06-26 06:29 AM