1. Mxcxsx's Avatar
    Being an avid fan of games like DDR, Guitar Hero, etc... , I was pretty excited that something like this existed on the iPhone (Tap Tap Revolution). Now I have another fun game idea that I would love feedback on. ( I have programming experience experience but not in objective c so I am out of luck to say the least)

    My idea would be to transform the iphone screen into a guitar fretboard. The fretboard , in my opinion, shouldn't be scaled. The iphone is already roughly the width of the fretboard and could fit 3 frets on which is enough for MANY chords (barred, power, etc etc). Songs could be uploaded (MP3's) and then chords could be time sequenced to the song and even an optional strumbeat could be added also. Strumming could be obtained I suppose by just pulsing the screen to the beat! When chords would change it would signal on the screen where on the fretboard it would be and the name of the chord.

    I suppose this would be a very addictive and fun game for people who play the guitar =]....? This is more of just my imagination going wild rather than a request...!
    2007-12-10 03:42 AM
  2. bugme's Avatar
    I think the iPhone is way too small for that
    2007-12-10 04:13 AM