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    I got my Touch since last December and jailbreaked it about 2 months after. I installed the iPhone apps without any problem and have been using then just fine ever since. Now recently my little brother tried to install some kind of keyboard onto it, and made it all glitchy, resulting in the inevitable restore.

    Now I've jailbreaked it again, but now the source, "ipodtouchmaster" is not refreshing, so I added the mirror (madpike05) and when I do try to download the apps, I get the package download failed error. I'm currently running on firmware 1.1.4 and I have the latest installer.

    Is anybody else have similar problems or do any of you guys know how I can fix this?

    I heard that ipodtouchmaster is changing its servers, which is why I'm not able to download it.
    2008-07-02 06:14 AM