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    Ever since I downloaded that one software that tells you email, calendar info, weather, and sports on your wallpaper (the software's name is intelliscreen); I've been getting this annoying white text that appears on the wallpaper and replaces all of my calendar events with "trial period expired" For example, If i have an event at 7:00 and label it as "meeting with doug" It says:

    Monday, July 7th
    7:00 pm trial period expired

    It does the same with all of my future events too, so the text covers up all the wallpaper except the clock and slide to unlock button.

    I uninstalled intellisreen the day i got it because I didn't like it. Three days later I'm getting this problem. Please help I dont know what to do
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    2008-07-07 03:50 AM
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    I'm pretty sure your talking about Kate/Caterpillar, are you talking about the calendar event on your lock screen? This can be solved by installing Kate, run it, and it will have things checked off, un-check then all and click install, then you are free to uninstall Kate. The other way to solve this problem is by purchasing a license for the app, but that doesnt seem logical as you stated you didnt like the app in the first place.
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    2008-07-07 04:46 AM
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    I found the software's name...
    It's called intelliscreen
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    2008-07-09 02:47 PM
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    i'm going to bring this thread back up.

    i have the same problem. it is on my lock screen. how can i get rid of the text?
    2009-05-26 01:56 AM
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    did you uninstall intelliscreen?
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    2009-05-26 02:00 AM
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    if you have already uninstalled intelliscreen and it is still showing its because intelliscreen doesn't completely uninstall all its crappy files... if you can SSH go to

    private/var/mobile/Library and delete the intelliborn folder.... that should fix the problem... hopefully.

    Haven't used Intelliscreen in a long time, but I had to get rid of that folder back then to fix an issue..
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    2009-05-26 05:19 AM