1. SunPhone's Avatar
    hi everyone. I am utilizing a 1.1.4 unlocked & jailbroken iPhone. I have agile messenger installed and am able to log onto yahoo and icq, but am not able to get onto MSN or google talk. I enter my log on information as such: [email protected] and password for google talk & [email protected] and password for msn. Does anyone else experience this or futher more have a solution? I would greatly appreciate an immediate response as this has been an issue of mine for quite some time. Thanking you in advance for your time and attention!
    2008-07-19 07:36 AM
  2. dhruvmalik's Avatar
    I used to get such issues. What i do is while its trying to sign on, i click on Contacts. Wait a few moments and it logs in and shows up the new contacts. Gtalk used to do this to me, MSN always did this and i juct click on contacts.

    Hope this helps.
    2008-07-20 08:08 PM