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    Cydia source for iPhoneOS 2.0:

    there is good news to go along with the new version, that is the price of MCleaner is down! now it only sells $11.99! Go and get it right now!


    Compatible with Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.1-2.0.2

    Note: The latest version MCleaner v1.5.0 supports iPhone 2.0. Updating is totally free to our customers. To those who have purchased version 1.4, you can use the register code to activate the new version.

    it is a software--"MCleaner", it can manage your sms and call, and blocked those you dont want automatically.It can filter incoming call and sms

    according to pre-configurated keyword(sms) and phone number(could be partial matched), and you can set a profile to set MCleaner working mode quickly, and also scheduler mode is supported.

    You can browse blocked sms/call anytime you want, with all details. You can import whitelist/blacklist from contacts/recents/sms, or input manually.Manage

    your sms and call, and blocked those you dont want automatically.There are a lot of cool features, try it and you will find them yourselves

    Installer source:

    MCleaner is shareware with 15 days full functional trial.
    skillful use of MCleaner
    MCleaner can keep you free from the bothering calls and sms, besides, it can also protect your privacy.

    first set a password, there are two options:1. the wrong password can't go through 2. the wrong password gets false information. the latter one is more deceptive on fooling others. when a wrong password is input, though he can go through, nothing will be shown.

    here we emphasize one point. "blacklist" does not only mean to reject the calls of the blacklist, you can choose to reject the call only or sms only or both. this is totally up to you. so the "blacklist" can be understood as private space.

    here is an example:

    you have a couple of intimate friends, but you don't want anyone else to see their sms and don't want to miss their calls. so you can add them to the blacklist, set the reject mode as "apply to messsage". when they send you sms, the sms will be blocked and store into "my logs", no sms are in the inbox of your phone. please notice: in the "system options" of "Setup",set the "Max Logs Kept Time" as "always"; "Auto Start" as "Yes" and "Show Indicator" as "Yes". once there is sms, you can see an icon of letter on the interface without ringing. if you don't want others to see the icon, you can set "Show Indiator" as "No, but that needs you to look at it every few minutes. in "Basic" setting, set "Out Logs To Blacklist" as "Log in MCleaner", and no one can see the messages you sent. Also, you can set to block all sms, and restore some of the sms as you like.
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    2008-07-22 02:35 AM
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    does anyone have questions in using it?
    2008-08-04 03:20 AM
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    if this was for 2.0 this would be a 10 page long thread by now lol
    2008-08-04 03:28 AM
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    what a pity that the one for 2.0 has not been released.
    2008-08-05 02:40 AM
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    thanks for your interests. the one for 2.0 is under development. please wait.
    2008-08-06 02:46 AM
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    the skills can effectively protect your privacy
    2008-08-13 03:44 AM
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    Yeah we get it, you have a program to pitch to us, all 30 of your posts have been repeated threads about this app for 2 months. How about you contribute to the forum a little rather than use it to pitch your product over and over?
    2008-08-13 08:14 AM
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    well, we are willing to do something for the forum. if necessary, please let us know.
    2008-08-14 03:39 AM
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    Following information will give you a brief guide:

    1. By default, messages from contacts and all incoming calls will be accepted, other messages will be blocked to

    2. To accept/block specific number or keyword(sms), you may create Whitelist/Blacklist manually or by importing from

    3. You can change the default policy in Setup.
    4. To have a clear idea of the functions,you can refer to Help menu.
    5. When call/sms is blocked, there will be an indication icon in the top-right corner of the interface.
    6. Please check logs from time to time to avoid missing useful messages or calls.
    2008-08-25 02:53 AM
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    I feel like Ive just stepped into an infomercial.
    2008-08-25 07:29 PM
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    MCleaner v1.5.0 for iPhone 2.0/3G Firmware Released!
    2008-09-12 03:39 AM
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    Let me know if you need a beta tester for 2.1 ;P
    2008-09-16 06:43 PM
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    thanks for your interests! if necessary, we'll contact you soonly! :-)
    2008-09-18 03:41 AM
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    The latest version MCleaner v1.5.2 supports iPhone 2.1/2.0.x.
    1.fix hungup to voicemail issue on 2g/3g (mcleaner will detect 2g/3g to perform different hungup action).
    2.since this version, user's setup data wont be cleaned when re- install or update.
    3.some minor bug fix.
    2008-10-10 10:04 AM
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    I currently have your software on my iphone. This is the best software available to prevent unwanted calls. I have NOT seen any software available anywhere that does what your software does. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
    2008-10-27 03:48 AM
  16. millermil121's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing mcleaner, that's very kind of you.
    2008-10-27 04:14 AM
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    The latest version MCleaner v1.5.3 supports iPhone 2.1/2.0.x.New feature: 1.depend on mobilesubstrace.
    2.add "clear" function to logs so user may clear all logs one time.
    3.add "restore factory default", which will restore all settings except whitelist and blacklist to default.
    4.fix minor bugs.
    2008-10-30 10:40 AM
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    The latest version MCleaner v1.5.5 supports iPhone 2.1/2.0.x.New feature: 1.add "Accept and Hungup" which will hungup the call right after accept it, so there wont be "voicemail" for the blocked call.
    2.add default whitelist for BiteSMS,so it won't conflict with BitSMS.
    2008-11-19 05:58 AM
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    The latest version MCleaner v1.6 supports iPhone 2.0/2.1/2.2. New feature: firmware 2.2.
    2.add "Accept and Hungup" which will hungup the call right after accept it,so there wont be "voicemail" for the blocked call.
    3.fix minor bugs.
    2008-11-26 02:24 AM
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    the feature "accept and hang up" in the new version works great,i like this
    2008-12-08 02:23 AM