1. Porkape's Avatar
    Can I get Hidepod or something similar that will hide my naughty videos on 2.0?
    2008-08-23 09:10 PM
  2. cheezy's Avatar
    snes4iphone is available on 2.0 now

    beta testers only

    2008-08-24 06:00 AM
  3. surfero's Avatar
    i would like to port to firmware 2.x airplane auto mode, it,s really a great app any ideas?
    2008-09-04 11:35 AM
  4. mudslag's Avatar
    whats the best irc program for 2.0?
    2008-09-06 12:32 PM
  5. laz305's Avatar
    come on Lockbox and Capture and iSisk lol
    2008-09-08 06:27 AM
  6. icyurah8r's Avatar
    I'm currently still on 1.1.4 loving my SwirlyMMS, iSMS, Orb Live, and Summerboard apps....so once these get ported over to 2.0 (or if ever) I'll then make the switch.
    2008-09-08 08:33 AM
  7. dontevenfucwitme's Avatar
    WOW..anything new lately?
    Formerly of modmymoto.com ..now upgraded to 2.1 & jailbroken using quickpwn

    RETIRED- Motorola L7 -R4517, RSA removed, EDGE internet browsing, full iPhone skin with 14 icon menu, widget style home icons, Bullfrog iTunes, 1GB storage
    2008-10-06 05:15 PM
  8. KooLLaiD's Avatar
    I don't see many of these apps in either Cydia or Installer I want capture darn it
    2008-10-08 11:01 PM
  9. ajl917's Avatar
    Finally updated again with your posts...
    2008-10-18 10:01 PM
  10. hongtm77's Avatar
    raging thunder
    parking lot
    2008-10-20 10:50 AM
  11. LGgeek's Avatar
    any word on when mobile terminal will be fully functional on 2.1 ?
    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.
    2008-10-21 02:10 AM
  12. RonnyT24's Avatar
    Any idea if contactflow is comin to 2.x?
    Go Ahead. Hit the Thank button... it wont bite.

    Tap Tap Revenge is Gay... That is fact.

    2008-11-23 05:07 PM
  13. ajl917's Avatar
    Well now that the majority of iPhone users have upgraded to 2.x regardless of the apps ported, I think it is safe to say this thread is depreciated. Unpinned.
    2009-01-13 04:28 AM
  14. eyeandi's Avatar
    may it rest in peace
    2009-01-13 07:43 AM
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