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    I'm not exactly a n00b at iPhone modding, but definitely a rookie. I've heard about SSH alot on MMi, but am not quite sure how to use it. Browsed through the MMi guides, but none really helped.

    So here are my questions:

    1. What is SSH?

    2. How do I use it?

    3. I've installed OpenSSH on my iPhone. What do I need to install on my PC?

    4. After I've installed the PC software, then what do I do?


    I've got a 1.1.2 iPhone, and a PC running Windows XP. Please help.
    2008-01-12 04:45 AM
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    i was looking for the same answers
    2008-05-24 11:42 PM
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    2008-05-25 01:18 AM
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    8. Now it'll ask for a username and password. Try these two combinations. Depending on your firmware, one of them will work.

    Username: root
    Password: alpine
    Username: root
    Password: dottie

    One of them will work
    But neither worked for me. Anyone got a clue as to what I do now?

    The guide didn't mention that the file protocol should be SCP. That worked :P
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